Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Huh?
A: This is a bike ride on open city streets. Spinal Tap themed. Each person is responsible for their own route to each checkpoint, and each person is responsible for their own riding. We’d suggest you ride within your abilities and obey all traffic laws and conventions. While the first person to complete all of the checkpoints does in fact win this is less racing and more a test of your navigational skills. Risky riding blindly blowing lights doesn’t lead to the win – a better route will beat brainless riding every time. This is not a license to ride like an idiot. You are responsible for your own decisions, just like any other day on the bike.

Q: How long is this?
A: These go to eleven. There is a time cutoff so that everyone can make it to the end before any awards-like ceremony. People completing the entire course in competitive time are in for covering some ground and being out of breath at the end, probably an hour and a half or so for the winners. There will be hills, welcome to Pittsburgh.

Q: Where and when?
A: Manifests will be handed out at 11pm at the corner of Forbes and Bouquet St in Oakland, across from The O. Race starts promptly at 11:11pm. Rain or shine! In case of inclement weather we’ll be under some over in the general vicinity.

Q: What can I win?
A: Not much. The spirit of this is for fun and at best bragging rights amongst friends. If your motivation to show up is to go home with some trinket of bike stuff, you should take a fresh look at what makes you wake up in the morning.

Q: What’s the entry fee?
A: Don’t worry about it. $5 or less.

Q: Should I ride like an asshole without any sort of blinkie, blowing lights and splitting lanes?
A: No.

Q: Should I ride like Grandpa Forester?
A: Not so much that either.

Q: Should I bring a bag?
A: Yes. You might have to carry something. Besides, you should at least have the tools to fix a flat with you. There is glass out there.

Q: What kind of bike should I ride?
A: Doesn’t matter. Whatever you are comfortable with. It would be good if it both stops and goes.

Q: Should I wear a helmet?
A. Yes.

Q: Should I have lights on my bike and body?
A: Yes, front and rear.

Q: Should I show up drunk?
A: Absolutely not. There will be no alcohol served on course. We suggest you be of sober mind to ride around in traffic at night.

Q: Where will I need to go? Where does it end?
A: You’ll find this out at 11pm on 11.11.11.


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